Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Projects, New Technique

I've been happily working on some wirework....this is something new for me.  The picture below was my very 1st project with the coiling/wrapping technique.  I used 16 gauge copper wire as my base and 26 gauge silver plated wire to coil and add on the 3mm Firepolish.  The outside dangles are dyed quartz rondelles and the large central dangles are vintage German gladd beads purchased in Portsmouth, NH.

These delicate little beauties were my 3rd attemp and were just me fooling around.  I was inspired by a trip to the local box store and their costume jewelry selection.  I used 22 gauge wire as my base and 26 gauge copper wire to wrap/coil.  The accents are ivory ceylon 8/0 seed beads and small rice-shaped freshwater pearls.  These were a bit trickier because the wire is soft and thin but so worth the delicate, airy look!

Hope you've enjoyed my practice runs at some wiring beyond the basic earring.

Bead Happy!

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