Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Cooking is Finally done

I have to say that except for a few parts, my necklace was finished almost a week ago.  The earrings earlier this week (except for the ear wires which I just made).  I did just finish the bracelet last night.  I'm normally a silver, sparkly girl, but I've been really getting into MATTE gold.  I love the softness of the finish.  And then pair that with watery blues and rich browns?  You had me at matte. 

Thank you to our hostess with the most-est...the lovely Lori Anderson.  She's set out to host this GINORMOUS blog hop party with 362 participants.  Thank you for all the work, Lori!  I was paired with the lovely Fiona from England.  I opened the package and was so excited to see all the possibilities...there was so much to work with.  Thank you Fiona!  Your goodies made me sit down and PLAY--normally I work, work, work--so this was a lovely treat!

The big reveal.....
I made 4 pieces of jewelry and still have many beads left over.  I usually don't work with crosses...but this one will now have special meaning.  More on that a bit later in the post. 

There was a LOT of little tiny links to make.  I used red brass, steel wire and bronze wires.  Of course I had to use bits of my lovely matte gold chain. 

I whipped this bracelet up using .5mm gold leather.  It makes a very light weight but sturdy base to the bracelet. 

I had to make earrings.  I'm such an earring girl and with my short hair, I love to show off big earrings.  Can't wait to wear these. 

OK..why the cross and the necklace will have a special place in my heart....Tuesday I went in for my biopsy.  It's the 1st surgery that I've had since I had my wisdom teeth removed as a teenager.  I received my results on Friday, the 1st day I wore the necklace.  Great news!  No cancer!  I will still have to have a full hysterectomy in a short while, but at least no cancer was found.  I'm thankful that after all the time of talking to doctors, that someone finally listened to me.  I found that I'm in the 4th stage of hyperplasia--which has a 30% chance of turning to cancer.  So the big surgery is a preventative measure.  I'm OK with that.  I don't have children (I have the shop and a four-legged kid) and if I do, one day feel that I need to be a mother, I can adopt.  Thanks for reading all that...but that necklace will hold a special place for me.

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Many hugs and much joy....

Friday, September 9, 2011

Beady Soup Goodness

I've been a bad bead soup party partner!  I received my lovely beads from Fiona of Christals Creations and took my pictures but didn't send out a post.  I did work on my finished piece over Labor Day weekend--yes, I did play instead of work which is what I do every weekend.  Those beads were just calling out to me.  I haven't worked on it since then, but it is almost complete!  I will finish it on Sunday. 

Miss Fiona sent me a lovely stash from England.  I love the watery blues that she send me and started to formulate my plan.....I'm please with the pieces...yes, I did say pieces--that I've created so far.  I've got 5 pieces in the works and will still have lots of beads left over from this bundle of goodness.

On Tuesday, I'd appreciate some good vibes sent my way.  I'll be having a minor 1st surgery since I had my wisdom teeth removed when I was 15.  This will then be followed up by the big surgery sometime in October.  I will be out of commission for about 2-6 weeks.  My surgery will help me, but will throw me into instant menopause.  I guess if I'm going to get hot flashes, I'll start getting them when it's cold outside...LOL.  I'm in good spirits, but if you think of me on the 13th, send me lots of positive thoughts and light.

Bead Happy,