Friday, April 30, 2010

It's a Tasty Bead Soup Party

Ok...I've done it...I've joined Lori's Bead Soup Party. 

This one will sure to be a tasty Treat!  Be sure to bop on over to Lori's Blog to get the scoop about this fun and lo-cal cuisine! 

I can't wait to see what everyone makes!

New Designs

I've been working on a few new designs...

Jeweled Bracelet made with over 100 Swarovski 4mm Jet 2AB bicones, 6mm Amethyst Rounds, 6mm Amethyst Cubes, Rondelles, Squaredells and custom coated 4mm rounds.  All of this was strung onto oval memory wire with 2 TierraCast 5-strand spacers.  A 3 Strand filigree silver plated box clasp was added to keep this tight to the wrist.

The earrings to match the Jeweled Bracelet.  Custom coated very large Swarovski Teardop Pendants, Jet 2AB bicones and 12mm Cosmic beads in Amethyst.  BIG AND SPARKLY!

Another color combo for the African Polygon Stitch using matte S/L Teal, Gunmetal seed beads (8/0) and Magenta Lined Amethyst 8/0 Triangles.  Accented with 6mm Swarovski Rounds and 3mm green iris Firepolish.

Roman Medallion Necklace was stitched using 13/0 pewter colored charlottes, Miyuki's new Duracoat 11/0 in Champagne, Swarovski 4mm gold pearls, several other Swarovski specialties.  The technique used is Bead Embroidery.  This was a simple stitching project--the colors seemed a bit odd at first but I really liked them--Gold and Platinum pearls, Champagne and Pewter and a touch of Lt Colorado Topaz and Black Diamond.

Enjoy and remember.....Bead Happy!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

All that Bead-y Goodness...

We've gotten in some good new bead-ies...
Limited quantities of Silver Lined Swarovski 4mm bicones in Lt Rose, Peridot and Lt Sapphire.  TASTY!  These are a rare find.

Katiedid Sticks (small size) above make cute little earrings. Swarovski 4mm bicones in Lt Colorado Topaz and 4mm Gold Pearls (plus a size 8 seed bead) fill them nicely.

Katiedid Curves below look like a little smile with 3mm Swarovski bicones in Fuchsia make a simple quick necklace with the addition of some sterling silver chain.

We've also added some YUMMY 4mm and 3mm Firepolish can never have too many for your weaving or stringing...they are always great for fillers!  We've also added TierraCast's lovely little sugar skull charms--soooo sweet!

These are just some of my designs with these great new items...what can you come with?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sneak Peek

Just a little sneak peek into a project I've been working on....I think that I might try to see if there might be an interest in getting this one published....

I've been trying out some new's been kinda fun to go outside of my box.

Do you go outside of your box? Whether it's color, technique or something brand new? I think I am most critical of my new endeavors...but it makes me think about the overall look. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Can I Live in My Shop?

I've been thinking that my shop would make a perfect place to live--of course, with a few modifications.  When I'm at my shop I am always so inspired to create (although I do have moments of creativity at my paying job so I have bits of scrap paper all over), but when I go home (even though I have the studio) I lose my forward motion!  So I figure, if I could turn the kid's room (8x8ft) (the play room for the kids to hang out while Mom shops) into my bedroom and the office (6x8ft) into the kitchen and the stock room(6x8ft) into a bathroom I could just about live in my shop. Of course I would have to be able to put in ventilation and LOTS of windows!  I would be creating non-stop.  OK, so maybe it wouldn't be good to live there...I'd never sleep.

This is what you see when you first walk in the shop.  This--and one of us waving at you!

Some of the Czech pressed glass, seed beads, USA made metal--TierraCast and misc products.  Look!  The tables are tall enough so that your back doesn't hurt while looking!

The Sparkly Wall!  Everyone loves this corner.  More USA metal--Vintaj!

More Czech pressed glass and the Sterling/Gold-fill goodies.

The tool, wire and stringing material wall.  See that door back there?  That's the class room (my would be work studio if I lived in the shop).

Hope you enjoyed a quick tour of the shop!  If you are in the Fond du Lac area (about an hour northwest of Milwaukee) come in to say "hi".