Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Can I Live in My Shop?

I've been thinking that my shop would make a perfect place to live--of course, with a few modifications.  When I'm at my shop I am always so inspired to create (although I do have moments of creativity at my paying job so I have bits of scrap paper all over), but when I go home (even though I have the studio) I lose my forward motion!  So I figure, if I could turn the kid's room (8x8ft) (the play room for the kids to hang out while Mom shops) into my bedroom and the office (6x8ft) into the kitchen and the stock room(6x8ft) into a bathroom I could just about live in my shop. Of course I would have to be able to put in ventilation and LOTS of windows!  I would be creating non-stop.  OK, so maybe it wouldn't be good to live there...I'd never sleep.

This is what you see when you first walk in the shop.  This--and one of us waving at you!

Some of the Czech pressed glass, seed beads, USA made metal--TierraCast and misc products.  Look!  The tables are tall enough so that your back doesn't hurt while looking!

The Sparkly Wall!  Everyone loves this corner.  More USA metal--Vintaj!

More Czech pressed glass and the Sterling/Gold-fill goodies.

The tool, wire and stringing material wall.  See that door back there?  That's the class room (my would be work studio if I lived in the shop).

Hope you enjoyed a quick tour of the shop!  If you are in the Fond du Lac area (about an hour northwest of Milwaukee) come in to say "hi".


  1. Your shop is VERY cool. Love the pink!

  2. I really like your shop. I owned a shop for 10 years and I, too, was creative when I was there. In fact, all I wanted to do was create. Now, I go in spurts here and there. Hope everything is going well for you there.

  3. If you decide to live at the shop, i only hope you have lots of slumber parties for your beading buddies!!!
    Nowhere else can i get the help, and supplies i want and need. You always have something new going on. I personally love the selection of classes offered.
    Happy beading!