Thursday, July 23, 2009

What I've been working on...beady or not

Just a pretty pic from the garden...of a lovely little squash blossom. Soon to be something yummy to eat! All of the "work" is done with the garden. Now just watching it grow

My most current bead embroidery project. I have it mostly completed--this was a pic from last week. Stitching this is so totally addicting but almost medatative....It just starts to flow and you don't want to stop! The next thing you know...a few hours have flown by.

I finally finished up my earring project. Whew! I made 7 pairs of earrings...1 for a bride (cream and pewter), 5 for the bridesmaids (the color above) and an extra pair (silver lined cobalt & white). This was my 1st attempt at brick stitch-at least from scratch and not to repair a broken piece. Pretty and very light weight....hmm...maybe this will be a class someday.
At the shop we are hoping to place again for our local Reader's Choice Awards. The last 3 years we've come in 2nd place for the Craft & Hobby division. We are really pushing for 1st this year! I'll have the link posted with the "rules" in a few days. Keep your fingers crossed.
Also, some exciting news! I'll have 2 items published in the next 2 months in Stringing Magazine. More about that in the next few weeks! Yay Me! :-)


  1. I like the middle image. Do you end up sewing that onto something?

  2. Yep. This will end up as a pendant or a pin. It gets backed by ultra suede (glued) then the edges are stitched with beads. The piece is about 3x3. Fun fun fun! The edging takes the least amount of time to do.