Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May Challenge from Aussie Threads & Fibers

Ok.  I know that I've been a bit quiet this month....quieter than usual because I've been obsessed with the May Challenge from Pat at Aussie Threads & Fibers!  This was a wonderful challenge that really made me go outside of my box!  I had to match all of the colors in the Swarovski components and I tried to capture all of the wonderful vibrant colors in the rivoli, cosmic squares and the rectangular stone. 

The neckstrap was made from some lovely sari silk that I won from the talented Denise Yezbak Moore .  This is the 1st time that I've added fiber to a piece that I've done. 

The clasp is a simple Vintaj hook & eye and a few links from the 10mm chain.  I'm undecided, I may decide to add a bit more chain to make the necklace a bit longer.  This is the largest piece I've done.  The centerpiece is about 3" x 3".

Speaking of Vintaj, my Metal Art Book was featured on the Vintaj Blog!  Yipee!  What an honor to have my work noticed!


  1. This is a really lovely piece. I am enjoying just staring at the color combination. Hypnotizing!!

  2. Great piece. And like you - I'm totally in love with sarisilk. regards Stefanie

  3. really beautiful... i'm already picturing this on a simple black top or dress with a high neckline to show off the color!

  4. Thanks for all of the great comments...I'm blushing. LOL